Thoreb North America is in the business of creating smarter public and school transportation systems. Thoreb realizes continuous improvements in public transit are essential to meeting the needs of the customer. Passengers demand efficiency in public transportation or they will quickly abandon it. In order to meet transit networks’ needs for profitability, manageability, efficiency and quality, a vision that clearly defines all the goals of the system must be developed.

By looking at existing structures, economic and geographic limitations, and opportunities for development, Thoreb can design a system that meets the needs of every customer requirement. A step-by-step implementation utilizing Thoreb’s open system/interfaces with modular designs enables existing and future systems to function together. Thoreb systems are never complicated or difficult to use, otherwise the system will fail to meet its objectives. Founded in 1978, Thoreb prides itself on experience, competence, service and quality. Thoreb, a supplier of “Intelligent Transportation Solutions.”