ELSY – Intelligent Electrical System

When Thoreb’s ELSY is installed in a bus, the owner then has a vehicle with a dependable, intelligent electrical system. If faults do occur, they are easily diagnosed using the ELSY vehicle computer screen or the using the ELSY ThService application (on a portable computer). If the vehicle also has IT-radio installed (Thoreb’s TRUE real-time AVL system), error reports are also automatically transmitted to the Transit Management module.

ELSY can easily interface with other transit vehicle systems and can reduce the number of driver interfaces required, replacing them with the multifunction ELSY vehicle computer and display screen. Setting the destination signs, controlling the HVAC system, completing safety checks, etc., are just a few of the available features. The ELSY vehicle computer screen can also display the live view from backup cameras whenever “reverse” is selected. At other times the driver see the status of the rear doors. Additionally, fault conditions at any door sensor can alert the driver immediately.

Managing transit bus sub-systems and functions with the ELSY Intelligent Electrical System results in a well integrated vehicle electrical system that is dependable and easily maintained.