IT-Radio, the only TRUE real-time AVL and traveler information system

Based on a unique design that makes true real-time information possible, the different modules comprising IT-Radio all have immediate access to the fleet information. No more complex central systems with expensive, slow, and hard to manage servers that only cause delays. With this unique solution from Thoreb you get a system that is fast and accurate and at the same time very flexible and redundant. And because all parts of the system have access to TRUE real-time information, intelligent decisions can be made everywhere. The IT-Radio node controlling a traffic light, for example, has access to all the fleet information throughout the entire system and can automatically make adjustments accordingly. IT-Radio was optimized to operate on a network. Effective communication, decentralized, intelligent, flexible, scalable and very redundant.

But the advantages do not end here. As an IT-Radio customer you will have access to all real-time information via the Internet at all times. Monitor the fleet situation on your laptop from your summer house or print out statistical reports on your boat – all you have to do is connect to the Internet using your cellular phone or any wired or wireless method. Travelers may reach the same information through a web site, on passenger signs and even by Internet enabled cellular phone or PDA. All this information is supplied within a fraction of a second!

Everything integrated into ONE system

Super fast radio communication • Real-time information within fractions of a second • Adaptive prediction system • Internet-based robust communication network • Advanced tools for vehicle tracking and planning • Mobile fleet management over the Internet • Complete statistic module with reports available over the Internet in PDF-format • Intelligent self-learning traffic light priority • Real-time monitoring of vital vehicle data • Easy to use and effective voice and text file management over the Internet • User friendly real-time information on web sites, cellular phones and PDAs • Personal security alarm with fast tracking for the driver • Onboard real-time information for passengers • Onboard Next-Stop signs and automated stop announcements • Destination signage • Integrates with passenger counting and video surveillance systems.

We customize IT-radio to fit your requirements

IT-radio is made up of a central system that communicates with a number of vehicle systems – one for each vehicle. The backbone of the central system is Thoreb’s unique network based communication method, which distributes the information throughout the IT-radio system. A number of intelligent communication nodes cover the entire area of fleet operation. The nodes are interconnected and have access to the Internet. They communicate with the vehicles using very fast and efficient radio messages. A large number of modules may be “hooked on to” the central system providing all the functionality of a complete real-time information system. By using a modular approach to elevate functionality, we are able to tailor the system according to each customer’s individual needs and requirements – and use fully tested and reliable standard modules at the same time. As our customer, you only pay for the functionality you really need. At the same time you have access to continuously updated and improved versions of the standard modules as well as unlimited possibilities to upgrade your system.