Thoreb has customers with both ELSY and IT-radio all over the world. We have delivered ELSY systems to more than 18 000 vehicles over the years. About 25 different customers have bought our public transport information systems IT-radio and KomFram. These installed systems comprise about 4000 vehicles.Below is a list of body builders who produces vehicles with ELSY and/or IT-radio.

  • Marcopolo (Brazil and Portugal)
  • Comil (Brazil)
  • Carosseri Hess (Switzerland)
  • Volgren (Australia)
  • UBC (Malaysia)
  • DE SIMON (Italy)
  • Vest Buss (Norway)
  • NOGE (Spain)
  • Bustech (Australia)
  • Lahden Autokori (Finland)
  • Evobus (Germany)

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