Statistical Reports

Statistical data from all IT-radio equipped vehicles is uploaded daily through the communication system (either by data radio or by wireless network) to a central database. Thoreb hosts the data storage hardware and provides the statistical information as an Internet-based service called “IT-radio Sweb”. Route and Schedule planners only need to log-on to our homepage from any computer connected to the Internet, and they will have full access to all historical information. Easy-to-use tools summarize the information and present it in a clear and useful way. Reports are automatically created in PDF or Excel format. With IT-radio Sweb, the transport authority management has a powerful tool to evaluate the fleet’s performance and provide a more cost effective service to the passengers.

Statistics features:

  • Easy-to-use web-based (cloud) service
  • Comprehensive information
  • Graphical and text reports
  • Customized reports on request