Traffic Light Priority Control

In some European cities, priority control at traffic lights for public transport vehicles has proven to be an efficient method to reduce travel times and make public transport more attractive for travelers. At the same time, operating costs are reduced when the transit vehicles are used more efficiently.  This strategy can also work in U.S. cities, although getting the permission(s) to control a traffic signal for non-emergency purposes is not a trivial task.

The TRUE real-time Traffic Priority (TTP) module makes it possible to control traffic lights, road gates, etc., in a quick and accurate way. TTP is easy to install and flexible to use or expand. Since the system is based on radio communication, road excavation and other costly activities are not needed. There is no need to install inductive loops in the road way thanks to this unique solution with IT-radio.

Traffic Light Priority features:

  • Request priority for vehicles based on time to traffic light instead of distance.
  • No road excavations are needed
  • Intelligent automatic optimization makes the TTP system adaptable to changes in the road conditions
  • Easy installation
  • Denies priority to early vehicles