Transit Fleet Management Software

With IT-radio-TM on your office PC, the entire fleet can be monitored in TRUE real-time. This application provides a complete overview of the location, schedule adherence, and status of all vehicles connected to the IT-radio network. The hardware requirements are minimal: a Windows PC connected to the Internet, and running the IT-radio TM software. Forget about the need for expensive servers – with IT-radio you can even handle the entire fleet management on a standard laptop computer. It is also possible to monitor every vehicle’s “health” status by remotely accessing the multiplexed electrical system. This means the transit fleet manager has immediate access to the same information as the driver: vehicle speed, door signals, oil pressure, fuel level, temperatures, alarm signals, and much more.

Features includes:

  • Schedule adherence in +/- 1 second
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Vehicle positions on a zoom-able map
  • Messages to and from the vehicles
  • Alarm signals