Traveler Real-Time Information

TRUE real-time information may be provided to travelers in many ways. The outstanding performance of IT-radio can best be observed when the forecast on a traveler information sign is compared with reality.

Nearly any type of electronic sign may be used in the IT-radio system. We also offer our own designs – including the DV15 Stop. With this model sign, traveler information is presented on a high resolution LCD/TFT color display. The DV15 Bus Stop sign is durable and specifically designed to operate in a harsh climate.

Traveler information is not only available on bus stop signs, but IT-radio can also provide the same accurate information via the Internet, both on regular web pages and on hand-held devices.

Features includes:

  • Updated within fractions of a second
  • Any type of electronic signs
  • Dynamic information
  • Web information
  • Available on mobile phones and other portable devices