Vehicle System

In vehicles with IT-radio and/or ELSY, Thoreb’s vehicle computer is the central part of the system.

During the day, schedule adherence and other relevant information will automatically be displayed continuously. By interfacing with all on-board sub-systems, including the electrical system, the vehicle computer will help the driver to do everything except drive the bus.

Passengers will have access to TRUE real-time traffic information by means of voice announcements and on-board electronic signs. It is also possible to provide news, commercials, and other dynamic information on-board the vehicles.

New timetables, voice files, commercials, film clips etc are downloaded through the depot communications system, which can utilize both radio and WLAN technology.

Passenger Information Units

Thoreb has developed a flexible and powerful passenger information unit. It has high resolution color displays (14″ or 19″) to show useful traffic information and commercials to passengers. An amplifier and MP3-player is integrated, which enables automatic audible announcements. It also has a “stopping” indicator. The information unit is controlled by our vehicle computer.